Composite Bonding

Cosmetic Dentistry | Bonding

There are many options available if you are unhappy with your smile. These options include teeth whitening and composite bonding.

Composite bonding is a popular modern dental treatment which can improve the aesthetics and shape of a tooth. Sometimes it is used to correct gaps between teeth. The beauty of it is that no tooth structure needs to be removed, making it minimally invasive and better for the underlying tooth. It is easy to repair and reshape as the need arises. Local anaesthetic is not usually required. A composite resin material is bonded onto the tooth structure and is then polished to blend in with your natural tooth. Composite bonding will require maintenance. However if you fracture your composite bonding it can be repaired whereas it is very difficult to repair a porcelain veneer or a crown. Replacing old fillings can also improve one’s smile dramatically. Please visit our Instagram page for before and after pictures.